Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Half day, not half too bad

No no, i'm not the most creative flower in the garden, nor the prettiest, but minor details (pronounced in a very sophisticated British way) faze me not. Currently eating my puppy chow/nuddy buddies/those delish little cereal pieces with semi-sweet chocolate, pb, sugar and goodness knows what else on them.

Mmmm....feeling all fresh after my date with the treadmill. I feel good today! Only worked half a day of work today so that left time to do a few things that desperately needed done...i.e. clean out my overflowing suitcase! I honestly have no idea how i managed to fit in all in that thing...but, no matter, no matter.

Ever notice how organizing and putting away things synonymizes with clearing out one's head?? Organizing is like therapy to me...or rather calms my OCD about having a semi-neat room. Having piles everywhere just overwhelms me...

As promised...

favorite tank: AE; skirt: Old Navy; tights: Leggs; awesome bracelet from big bro RH

cardi: Old Navy...courtesy of my Sissy
I got a little snazzy after work and shower...no pants for the win.
I simply love this tank! I went to bed in it, along with some plaid Soffe shorts...too lazy to put real pj's on.

I love pj's....they're just oh-so-cozy! VS flannels are niiiice although it's usually too warm for both top and bottoms at my house, so it's top and shorts or pair the bottoms with a tank...

I'm ready for bed already!

Yoga and a run in the morning awaits...only worked 1 1/2 days and already have a day off :)

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