Monday, December 12, 2011

Crackin' down

Today i'm not looking the most glamorous...rocking a 2011 long-sleeved state wrestling shirt (navy, not my usual color) and bright pink VS PINK sweatpants. Oh, and my darling red slippers! Finish it off with a houndstooth print bow and it's a finals study party!

Currently taking mini break von Deutsch lernen....ich höre auf:

I love Olivia Olson's voice.

I'm in Germish-mode....also bin ich ganz glücklich, trotzdem ist es so kalt zu mir.

Perhaps a nap is in order....after watching newest episode of New Girl. Have you seen this show?? Sehr sehr lustig and ausgezeichnet!

A couple more days of Thursday morning and Deutsch am Freitage nachmittag then leaving campus and heading home Saturday morning with Sissy!

Good luck to everyone else taking finals...don't lose all of your sanity! Take a break to watch New Girl for a bit of comic relief :)

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