Thursday, December 1, 2011

I embrace myself....again

Physically embracing myself today as opposed to metaphorically the other day.

Thursday was just not my day this week....recovering from the presentation today...

Ever have those days...*ahem* presentation days *ahem*...where you're just so nervous you have to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes...but really you don't have to use the bathroom? Why must i get so nervous over little things?? Hmm...guess it was the mental weariness creepin' in.

I had to look profesh and dress smart for the presentation...but out of haste did not take pic of outfit before hastily leaving for quick lunch (unhealthy, btw, but who's keeping track today??) and off to practice for presentation before actually presenting. Phew....

Oooooooh Ceder Cliff sweater, how i love you.
Or rather, i love my Pop Pop and miss him oh-so-much...thinking of him everyday and feel more close wearing his sweater. Miss you, sweet sweet man...

Ceder Cliff sweater and Aerie sleep shorts....along with hot chocolate make for a great afternoon :)

Took a brief nap after that....

"Letters to Juliet" and then some sleeeeeep.

Love my roomies

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