Friday, September 16, 2011

Fantastic Friday!

Dearly beloved, we are gathered to this blog to witness the reunion of this blogger and her dear friend, the Dare. Once they were inseparable until said blogger received the Pantech Crux, which recently went for a swim and is hereby paralyzed.

My Mummy was ever so kind to send me the Dare in the mail! ......along with two old backup phones (oh, she knows me so well) and a bunch of goodies! Cosmo! Glamour! Seventeen! Teen Vogue! ....oreo icing.

I feel loved.....

Long sleeves make the dress work for the blustery weather....threw on a black blazer last minute before mad dash to International Studies....

Another important thing to remember, wearer of clothes: undergarments are as, if not more, important than the clothes themselves....I ♥ my tugs and tanktops for maximum smoothing of lumps and bumps!

"Oh, Captain, my Captain."
GiGi would be proud....
VoilĂ ! Magnifique! ......well, for the most part no lumpies.
Taylor Lautner is calling me from the cover of Seventeen....the poster has already gone up on my wall....oooooooh boy!

Do you think Gerard Butler will ever grace the covers or is he just too damn fine? .....and a little mature for a teen mag lol.

Have a LOVEL-E (pronounced juuuuust like that outloud) Friday night!

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