Thursday, September 8, 2011

School's Out for the Flooding

Last night was normal....watching Phantom of the Opera, eating popcorn, swearing like a sailor of the shisty Verizon service and internet problems, and the excitement that we would have a two-hour delay due to the rain (although I was quite profound in my ascertain that we would not have class at all).

...and what do you know, we don't have class today! And I was finally united with my English book for which I had been waiting a while...and homework is damn near completed for the next few days. Oh, the joys are working ahead...I love it, I love it, I love it haha.

For looking like crap today, I sure am in a chipper happy convivial mood! ....although we may be losing power soon so I'm trying to finish this post before that occurs. Good thing my DS and Kindle are charged so I'm all set for recreational purposes.

Darth Vader and a Wicked smile. Boys section at Wally World
for all your nerdy love needs.
Apparently the town has become an island and there is no coming and going for a while...I need a boat. Or the Force. My metachlorian level has been dampened from the rain. Haha get it, dampened? ....sense of humor is lacking as well.

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