Sunday, September 11, 2011


Yes, how original. Creativity spent on reflective English essay. Eminem on right now, feeling gangsta and angsty, caught up on assignments....what a day.

It's September 11, however, so here's to those who fought and lost their lives...despite its flaws, America comes through in times of need.

Honestly, I just want to go to bed it normal to be so damn tired? Mental exhaustion....good grief. No one wants to read about that. I'm boring myself just typing these sentences.

WTFU! Wake the f up! Ok, ok, gangsta. I'm chill now.

Shirt: International Spy Museum, Shorts: Old Navy,
Pikachu necklace: childhood keepsake, Bracelets: the usual....

Nice face. Twas a conventional, boring as sh*t day, therefore a conventional, boring as sh*t awesome outfit is called to offset the mundane-ness of it all...bright shorts! Pikachu doing the hangman's jig! ....even, *gasp*, eyeliner. Laundry day, why not feel cute?

New shirt!
I managed to keep quite sane despite the amount of reading I did....I just want to feel pwetty sometimes. I wish I had German homework to do. I honestly enjoy that type of work...maybe a minor in German is a possibility? Ach, ja, du Schlampe! Don't take that personally...dammit, I miss German class. Or rather, Frau's German class. Take that back....I don't miss German IV. Not difficult...simply not the best environment. So hostile! So dumb!

My complaining is done now :)

Auf Wiedersehen! Watching August Rush with friends then I need to catch up on some zzzzz's. And hopefully no more nightmares with a boy whose name is in my last name and one of my sister's former loves :/  awful awful wonder I'm in this sporatic mood. This song sums it up....Crazy B*tch by Buck Cherry.

(Using astericks because it looks so much nicer!)

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