Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Anyone Care for a Swim?

Dear Irene, I thought you had left already? Not one for sweatpants, going as far to say I'm someone who cringes at wearing sweatpants in public, but that is what I ended up putting on after I had my cute little outfit planned and being silly enough to think it wouldn't rain that hard....light blue turns transparent when wet! Who knew? -_-

Button up: Old Navy, Tank: PacSun, Shorts: Rue 21 (DIY buttons),
wrestling watch
 You know those days when you just feel cute? is Wednesday, therefore it is Hump Day so that alone makes it even better....exceedingly better than, say, Tuesday. I don't like Tuesday...but Wednesday is usually a pretty good day. Until you forget neglect to bring your umbrella to class and end up looking as though you took a dip in the river in your clothes! Lesson matter how anti-umbrella you are, they can be useful...but only when you don't wade through giant puddles. I think that defeats the purpose of keeping you dry?

I look more awkward than a non-smoker in a London pub...or someone drinking hot chocolate at Starbucks. Actually, I'd fall under both of these awkward categories...I'm craving some hot chocolate right now. Some chocolate milk would be nice, Double Chocolate Nestlé chocolate milk would be delicious. Or a chocolate croissant from JFK Airport or a pastry with semi-melted chocolate in it from Panera Bread. I'm hungry!!! I may drown in the rain :(  Good thing I'm not Elphaba...(I was looking at the Wicked website)

I wanted to show off my cool earrings :)
Wouldn't call them vintage per say (they were my Mummy's).

Oh! And came across a really cool blog...the author is really quirky and has wit!

More along the lines of how I looked earlier....leather school bag and all (although
nowhere near as chic and warm!
Now I must try to stay dry....a nap may be in order before take-out from the dining hall.

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