Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day to all! as fascinating as the history behind it is, I shalln't go on and on about it and spare everyone the details. If you haven't lived under a rock all your life, I'm sure you have the jist of the holiday down-pat.

At LVC we got to go to class, yays! And learn, yays! And get homework,
I love German, though, so it's all good. Is that so weird to love another language?? Not really....not sure if I've mentioned before (bare with me...) but to be frank, it's pretty awesome to be able to speak another language (providing one can correctly speak their own, something most Americans cannot seem to do). Oh, America....but that's another matter. Point being, languages are fun! There. Done. Point made.

Old Navy tanktops, Old Navy skirt, Worthington tights

Wore a jacket to class because it was quite chilly inside....hmm great thing about college? No dress code. I'll wear a tanktop and freeze my ass if I'd like...or rather, wear it under a jacket. But for all intense purposes, picture shows without jacket because I wasn't quite feeling the chill. Yet.

I'm not very good at photography. . . .but the lighting looks pretty sweet. No editing involved :) Yays! I'm learning something! Enough of that...bed and work out in the morning.

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