Saturday, September 3, 2011

Such a Lovel-E Saturday

I was able to sleep in (til approximately 8:37) this morning for a little bit! Unfortunately, it decided to storm really, really hard right then but in a way, fortunately, since I had not heard my alarm go off....wah.

I hung out with my sister and we spent close to 2 hours in Ulta, which is simply fabulous!! And this coming from a girl who is not real into make-up besides the basic concealer, mascara, and eyeliner (lipstick occasionally, but not gaudy, niiiice with a touch of lipgloss). I must say, I can make my lips look very nice after the brief lipstick/lipgloss + chapstick method my Sissy taught me...

 Nom nom nom, love my milk!
Only if it's chocolate, though...
on our shopping trip, I bought Hershey's chocolate milk for my dorm!!
Button-up: AE, Lovely's :)
Tank: Worthington's
Shorts: Bubblegum
Purse: Louis Vuitton (my awesome yardsale find!!)
shoes: Nine West

Coexist, new Empowerment bracelet (mine broke and was lost shortly before school :/ ), and bracelet from my Sissy.

Sooooooo excited! Aside from food from Giant and a cute headband from Ulta, I found a sweet speed suit from Checkered Past. Description: "You know that girl in the awesome speed suit? Oh, yeah, that was YOU!" Priceless.

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