Friday, September 9, 2011

This Friday Night

The sun is shining and the puddles are recessing! Minimal homework and plans for tonight, tomorrow, and tomorrow night. Great week :)

Still saddened slightly by the death of the animals at Hershey Park Zoo America but hoping no more animals will come to harm...

Classes were delayed two hours so extra sleep was niiiiiice amazing most definitely needed! I felt like being "fancy" today!

Shirt: Old Navy (little girls), Skirt: Forever 21, Watch: Wrestling Watch,
Bracelets: Coexist and Empowerment
Star Wars handtowel under the red bowl :)

That shirt hanging up? Oh, yes, that's from two days know, from the day it downright poured and I didn't take an's still damp. It's that cool? Conflabbit. Oh well....water conservation alert is off so I can finally do laundry! Yays! Oh, and look at my's cute. I love its heart-shaped pockets!

Steve Madden shoes!

I am a goony.
Watching Cash Cab then going to see "Unknown" at 8 tonight....Washington, D.C. tomorrow!! Must wake up early then ride for four hours....but Ima be a spy tomorrow at the Spy Museum. You may see me creepin' about....

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