Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day Picnic!

Family Day! Woot woot! My cousins were face-painting...oh, my. Love my cuzzies :) They certainly keep things interesting. . . .

My Sissy's right...I do slouch really bad... :(
And I took the booties off so I'm short...this isn't right!
But look at my awesome Star Wars belt from Wally World's little boy's section!

Back to school and just updating blog and checking emails and getting some last minute things together before shower and sleep!

Sissy and Googly took me back to school and we seemed to drag sooo much stuff up! Oh, well...more clothes means less laundry but more food means...more time at the gym! At least we have a rug now in the main section of our room...quite frankly, our room is HUGE. Not that I'm's quite nice.


Dear Lovely:

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