Monday, September 12, 2011


Oh, I don't feel like doing anything. Yes, that is in a song. No, I'm not quoting it. I just don't feel like doing anything....except eating tacos. Nom nom nom.

All Time Low is doing a nice job of stimulating my brain and waking me up...tomorrow I can sleep in! Little things to which I look forward keep me going. That, and the Monster from the C-Store nestling in the fridge....ohhhh boy! Hopefully this doesn't turn into a long-term episode as what happened in Europe last summer, drinking energy drinks every day. Bad bad bad!

"It was like a time-bomb set into motion, we knew we were destined to explode."

Exploding.....does not remind me of bombs, but...we won't go there...

Casual profesh.
Dressed for class...and tacos.

'I'm a Ninja.
International Spy Museum'
Lion King, Deutschland, I <3 Nerds

Keds day....soo comfy yet conventional? Mummy would approve...I've only wore heals once and they really don't count as heels since they were my red boots with about a 1" thick heel. 1" is deffo not a's a minimal extention....hardly relevant when I only stand at 5'4" as it is...what is 5'5" in comparison? Not much....unless my Sissy is wearing 1" heels...then we're the same height. Can't have that. Deffo cannot have that! Hahaha. Oh, the Jacobs sisters were just destined to be short...short and awesome like their mummy. 'Nuff said.

Exploding gummy bears in Advanced Chemistry!! Oh, science, you silly subject....we found you could be quite easily amused we were.

Off to International Studies and Germish....

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