Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Yes, that is my blood any if there are any vampires who are cravin' that juice, please oh please oh please DON'T DO IT. There is help for's a program called Suck On This and it'll teach you how to live peacefully off fish. It worked for my buddy; it'll work for you.


On to other things.



Ah, yes, the reason why I had brought up the blood issue....I gave blood today! It's something I like to do. It makes me happy when other people partake in giving blood as well! Give blood! Blood blood blood! This drive was through the campus and Central PA Blood Bank. It would have been my pint through American Red Cross [I was sooooooo looking forward to that :( ] but it's ok...I was able to give and drip blood on the floor from my finger and now I've given eight times! Woot woot! Yeah....didn't have a band-aid on my tester finger and....yum.

Yes, I wore heels, albeit small ones, to give blood. True, I normally pass out after giving but they looked so niiiiiice with my outfit. I didn't pass out on my walk to my room! .....fell on my bed and passed out and took a snooze. :)

These earrings are clip-ons but they're just so cool! They make me smile :)

Booties :) Off to study for business exam..........

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