Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sleeeeepy Sunday

It always feels so nice to sleep in!! Lovely and I slept in then had a scrumptious brekkie.....

Why am I so sleepy yet???


Lovely is a ninja. Clearly stated on his bracelet.

Ok, maybe not exactly a ninja...personal photographer paparazzi creeper. In the nicest way possible :)
Old habits die hard (ugh cliché). Lovely missed talking pics of me like we did in the summer....silly boy always took the camera from me when I tried capturing him....

Guys' clothes are so much more fun to wear! Swapped hoodies for the walk over and kifed his shirt this morning to's oh, so soft, though!

 I look creepy. And check out my wonky hair. He finds this eh....pwetty! Pwetty? Maybe....? I hope so....hopefully....obviously I didn't look into the mirror much after showering.

Feeling old. It's waaaaaay past my bedtime tonight. Wah.
Germish test tomorrow!!
Excited. Lame? You bet. I love Germish.........

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