Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Pants Won

I started out wearing a skirt today....I thought it looked nice with this near-tunic length shirt despite my faux pas about long shirts and skirts. Unfortunately, twas absolutely freezing when I went to get lunch sooo I opted for pants :(

I just don't like wearing pants sometimes. Not being pervish or a free spirit....I simply prefer skirts and dresses to pants. I love skinny jeans yet I feel constrained in pants. Yes....does not make sense but there you go.

Tonight is the night I get some sleep!!

Honestly, I really need it....I answered a basic math problem incorrectly in class today. I said it and then thought, NO that is NOT right! Good thing my prof didn't hear me :)

I feel so old....tired, productive, sluggish, unwanting to move...meh.

New (for me) Gap tunic-ish length shirt from my Sissy with Old Navy skirt

It's about time I force myself to go to sleep earlier...seriously, I'm scaring myself.

It's Friiiiiiiiiiiday tomorrow!!!! And possibly a package from my Mummy! Yays!
I hope my Fajer gets his card in the mail...our college only gets mail Mon-Fri and his birthday is Monday therefore I sent it out, in fact.

Renaissance Faire on Saturday so depending on how much my camera likes me that day, I'm hoping to have some pics up!

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