Saturday, September 17, 2011


Meow meow meow.

I finally have a picture of my boyfriend on my desk! He's adorable....temperamental, furry, and prone to scratch when he's squeezed too tight. I don't know about you, but he's perfect in my eyes. Ooooh Ted. I pine for him. Haha.

Lovely came to visit me!!!!

Ooooooooh yes! Hmmm....he seems to pull off the skinny jeans better than I do. . . . but that's ok. I'll just show him off. Say, look here! Look at this guy! Not only is he sweet, he looks sweet in skinnies!

A-dork-able :)

The sparkles are to distract you from my messy closet. Is it working?? Yes? Good.

Black and blue do go together. Balance it off with something floral! ....I made that up. Do what you please.....who do I look like, the fashion police?

Calming alec tonight. Sugar sugar sugar sugar!
Oh, and Lovely is wif me so I'm pretty sure endorphin count is fairly high at the moment. Please excuse yet another post of estatic euphoria.

 This just completes any outfit, hands down. If I had thought of it, I should have worn it with my prom dress. That would have been epic.
Oh, lovely evening with my Lovely :)

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