Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Typically, It's Tuesday

First of all, happy birthday to my beautiful bestie, Michaela!!! :)

It is also Bella Swan's birthday....but no one cares for her much since she ended up with Edward Cullen. And I'm not referring to her choosing Edward, but the fact that she is simply with him. She probably wouldn't be very well liked if she were with Jacob Black either....but that's pop culture for you.

It's Tuesday. We all know how much I vehemently dislike this dreadful day....honestly, Tuesday, why must you follow Monday?? Why can't we skip Monday (which is turning into a lovely day and evening, though not a good night) and just wake up on Wednesday? Oh, hump day, how I've missed you.

 Oh, Lady Gaga...you make my day.
Shirt: Lady Gaga The Fame, Hot Topic
Shorts: star style (Strawberry store)
I'm so plain Jane anymore....the shoes and my briefcase make the statement. Too many accessories and it just looks like overkill

Look at those cute funny-looking wobbly knees!

Aldo booties :)
Thank you, Sissy, for great deal!
Functional? Maybe not completely....but then again, half the stuff Lady Gaga is exactly functional by definition. Have the balls to wear whatever you want.
Lady does.
One more thing. Party like it's not your birthday.
Allstar Weekend's advice of the day.

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