Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lethargic Thursday

Today marks the beginning of the improvement of my health!! Woot woot! Not off to a great start by any means....sleepy sleepy...Monster wouldn't fall into the realm of "healthy" by chance, would it? Even the chocolate milk isn't doing it for me....Oh, bother, bother, bother.

Today is also the first day I've actually styled my hair! After chopping it off, I sort of fell into that lazy hair rut....quite easy to do, really...there isn't much hair to style. Buuuuut Mummy was ever so kind to send me a nice Revlon curling iron in the mail so I should try to match my hair to my clothes a little more...pooey brown hair that I have. I love the pixie/short hair cut....but it's just not working for me! Mmmmm....let's dye it firetruck red and call it a day.

Don't worry....I'm wearing shorts under there! ....dang chair hiked them up. I guess that's what happens when one sits...and wiggles...and twitches...fidgets whilst sitting down. Yes, yes, I'm a fidgeter. Caffeine may help with that...look at pretty lace!!

Target bargain! They make my feet look exceptionally tiny...they're a 5 1/2

This looks like a creepy ad for a college kid who doesn't sleep very well...
oh wait.....

Confuscious say!
 So pensive! And that is my pointer finger for clarification :P ...I know, I had to look at it, too. Maybe I'm just assuming everyone else thinks the way I do...haha or maybe you do?
Get this girl a Monster stat!

All pulled together :)
My hair is flying every which does what it wants. Let's hope I never have kids. They'd take after my hair and then what would I do?
I feel the DS calling to me....or Theo the Kindle...something entertainingly stimulating to fill in the gap til lunch.

I wish I had a monkey with whom to chill. How cool would that be? Pretty cool.

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