Sunday, May 6, 2012

Missing, left and right

In light of all the NSN excitement....i seem to have missed Star Wars day on Friday! I even forgot to wear my Darth Vader t-shirt :(

NeverShoutNever was awesome!! We heard some cool new music, too. Bearcat, Kurt Andrews [i think that's what his name was?! i feel bad about not quite remembering...], and Koji opened for him. Had never heard any of them sing before but they were pretty neat. I love Bearcat's lead singer's hair and voice! Her voice reminded me a bit of Florence from Florence+the Machines.

Needed some lipstick... 

Relaxing now and getting ready until i need to meet Jordan to head to the Lady Antebellum concert! Totally different facet of music....haha

I'm happy as a clam. A clam with buffalo chicken dip.

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