Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Shopped out with my Ditto

Lovely and i are still avid Pokémon players [no judgment, please] and are on the way to filling our Pokédexes! I spent the better part of the carride to Altoona catching Ditto in FireRed....i caught 7 of them and not one had a jolly nature -_-  who knew there were so many different natural inclinations of personalities for Pokémon?? I guess i never really paid much attention to that....

Lovely looks so serious....perhaps the photobooth used up all his silliness. Photobooths are so much fun! They had them at school for special occasions and we used them multiple times...

Rockin' my new Gap jeans...I'm so Gap, Inc. with Gap sandals, Gap jeans, and Old Navy tank. Thrown off slightly by Pikachu necklace. I am a rebel after all [laughing at my lame little joke].

Time for some brekkie.....leftover Mexican from our date last night! Lovely and i were absolutely stuffed and had to get the rest to go. Need to finish cleaning my room as well...a project that's yet to be accomplished oops. Why must i be productive today? meh.

I just want to snuggle with the cool kids on my bed....ladybug, bunny, cow, Yoda, hippo, cat, and a Wookie. Perhaps i have a few too many stuffed animals on my bed. nbd.

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