Monday, May 7, 2012

What we had... all we'll ever need."
Lady A!

The concert was awesome! I wasn't too was my first country concert after all. I promise i'm not knocking country, but it's not my thang, really. I do love me some Lady Antebellum, though. I wore my spiked shoes with rolled red skinnies to the concert. Country chic? ....not quite, but i didn't want to be a poser.

Thompson Square opened up the night...woot woot!

"Are you gonna kiss me or not?"

Then Mister Darius Rucker and his band... :)

Lady Antebellum!! "We owned the night"

Thompson Square and Darius Rucker joined Lady A on stage before the last few Lady A songs...

Great concert!! Sitting in traffic wasn't fun...nor was the secondhand smoke from people lighting up after the concert. Jordan drove us out of the stadium and we made it back in one piece....and my cute shit mobile did not stall like it did that morning! :D

Honestly, i love my car [dark green '95 Dodge Stratus in great condition for its age] but sometimes it's a little's like an overgrown toddler. It needs coddled and babied. Poor shit mobile...i call it that but i'll defend it til the end. Don't knock the shit mobile haha.

Ethics paper finished. Finally. Tomorrow awaits another day of studying. meh.

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