Thursday, May 3, 2012

Final Fantasy

Finals week officially beginning tomorrow with our reading day....classes ended tonight. I decided to paint my nails...and i found my calling haha. I ended up painting everyone else's nails and we had a lovel-E destress night :)

Perhaps I'll get some connections and start a mini college business. What do you think of these?

Albeit a bit sloppy on my skin, these are my Pok├ęball nails. Turned out better than the first time I tried.

I painted Haivy's nails giraffe print with a giraffe head on her thumbs! Rawr

Fancy gold zebra print [looks a bit like golden flames] went onto Kim's nails!

Jess absolutely LOVES bows so that's what i painted on her nails :)

Sam's look sweet! Japanese cherry fit for spring :)

Monday was a lovel-E day...quite warm. Monday night i picked up Sonic burgers and blasts [those things are massive] and a large sweet potato tots and Jordan and i had a delish fat kid feast. Sometimes i eat like it's going out of style....mmmm

Wore my new Joe Fresh shirt! I'm diggin' the orange shirt, orange lipstick combo.

My Mummy always said to put on some lipstick to "add some color to your face." .....perhaps i'm taking that too far. I'm obsessed with my orange lipstick. What i wore today....i bummed it a bit on Tuesday. Skipped destress day at school....sleeping at my Gramps's worked wonders for my psyche.

Instead of being woken up by the train, to which i seem to have become oblivious at night, i was awoken by Jack the cat. I guess i looked squishy and it seemed a good idea for him to jump on my stomach at 4am...poophead.

I love him all the same....he was bullied a bit by Fred the cat in the morning.

Wore my cheetah print [literally] skirt from H&M again....i washed it, i promise! My closet is somewhat limited....i packed soo many things to go home! Hard to believe my first year is in already.

2 down, 5 semesters to go....hopefully, if i stay on track. Plan on graduating early still. I sound so profesh when i state my major title: international business major with a minor in German.

...maybe i don't sound profesh. Maybe i just sound like an idiot. It just sounds so neat in my head....

Off to dreamland, my peeps. Some peeps sound delish. Now i'll probably dream about those...fudge.

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