Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lemme buy you a drink

Not sure why the lyrics of that song popped into my head...

Wanted to write up a lovel-E Mother's Day post on Sunday but i found myself spending time with lovel-E mothers and Lovely so did not make it online...Mummy wouldn't take up the offer of me cooking for her [i'm really not sure why since i can't actually cook!] so we went out for Chinese since she loves it so much.

I visited with my Grammie for a while and caught up with her and Pap Pap. Not a very seemingly over-exciting day, i know, but when you spend it with loved ones, that's how that really matters.

top: vintage; belt: Candie's; skirt: Maz Azria; earrings: NYC street vendor; purse: thrifted; sneakers: Steve Madden

Bared a little skin today....nothing wrong with that. This top is part of a matching skirt/top set that was my Nana's. How schweet is that?

Here's a close-up of the shirt Lovely made for me. I love me some Pokémon, especially Dragonite! The whole evolution line is awesome....Dratini and Dragonair are so graceful and then Dragonite comes out, majestic and strong as butt as dragons usually are. Look at me, how poetic about Pokémon...

tank: AE; skirt: Nollie; belt: vintage

Yesterday we went shopping....simple yet more dressed up than shorts and a tee. The general notion of shopping is correct: if you feel good, you'll have a good time. Paired this with Louis [my Louis Vuitton purse] and gold Mossimo gladiator sandals from two years ago. Simple pimple.

Despite the rain, it was a pretty great day. We sold some clothes to Plato's Closet then did a little shopping at the mall. Ladies, you know he's a keeper when he brings the car to you at the mall door and opens your door with an umbrella so you don't get soaked from the rain.

I may have to chop my leg off. Dang bug bites. It's only May and i'm already bug food! Off to bed now....red streaks from scratching too dang hard. . . .

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