Thursday, May 3, 2012

I work out.

Body image isn't exactly a new's in the magazines and online and a large topic of interest among the fashion industry and sidewalk caf├ęs.

I read a fairly enlightening article to which i full-heartedly agree. I agree that curves are beautiful, but every body is beautiful. Lack of curves does not mean someone lacks beauty as well.

Health is a rising concern among larger weights. Yesterday i watched a clip on YouTube about a woman who is obsessed with gaining weight and will not be satiated until she's reached 600lbs. Now that is not pretty...that is truly unhealthy. Eating disorders are unhealthy as well, but it cannot be presumed that every thin woman has one.

Weight stereotyping is a new rising issue addressed by Glamour. The sad thing about it is that while praising women of all shapes and sizes, magazines still continue to use airbrushing and Photoshop to edit all of their pics.

For all women  of all sizes to feel accepted, we [as women] need to be accepting of woman of all sizes. It's not nice to bring someone down for the sake of reassuring yourself.

Look at these models. They could care less about what everyone thinks of their weight. And they all look pretty darn cute, too :)

Confidence, darling. Confidence. Hold your head high, be proud of who you are, and find beauty in others.

Yes, yes, i should be studying...migraine coming on and this is an important issue to me.

[i wanted something visual in my post...i like pictures]
First Polyvore outfit:

Vamped up date

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