Thursday, May 24, 2012


Green and red paired together always reminded me of Xmas....i hated the idea of green and red together at any time other than Xmas hols. I wouldn't allow my green and red Legos touch one seemed weird hahaha yes, i was always particular...

But, alas, green dress + red hair = non-Xmas related outfit. Since my hair is dyed and i love the color green....well, my brain will have to chill.

Arm party. Fajer just gave me the first bracelet on the left.

Found my dollar ring from high school that i had folded! I used to be able to do cool things like this...

Today i learned not to trust washing machines. Mine fell on my nose today...

Brushing up on mon francais pour [next] ans. Yays! I remember a little big. I had been counting in French at work off and on.

Whitening my toofers and heading to bed before i hurt myself again.....ok, ok, i am a klutz. Conflabbit. Buuuuuuut tomorrow is FRIDAY and Jordan [my Sissy] is coming home!!

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