Sunday, May 20, 2012

Even now...

Happened to see this year's graduating class's commencement program and noticed there is not a student speaker for the welcome and farewell, a position awarded to #3 in the class [yes, i was bummed about only being #3 last year, but told myself i was #3 after all....not the best, but had to make the best of it].

Hmm....wondering if it is coincidental. *rub chin in a menacing, yet thoughtful way*  I seemed to have caused quite a stir last year by my actions: speaking the truth in a blatant, yet tactful way, and taking off my robe to symbolize that we were no longer high school students. Naturally, it was unexpected and received mixed reviews. My friend Drew, valedictorian of our class, gave me a hug afterwards. Somebody had to speak up. It felt right. I was shaking, yet stood by my speech. My mother proved her love [not that she really needs to validate it since she's proven it over a thousand-fold] by standing up to a woman who, a year after that surprising speech, openly criticized me and said i was "a rebel."

Thinking back to that night, i still feel proud of myself. I was afraid, sure, but i did it. I look back at my former self with a bit of pride. Not arrogance, mind you, but i do smile at my 18 year old self....not fearless, but still strong.

Oh, and they kept my little alteration to the program of changing "opening" and "closing" to "welcome" and "farewell," although they would never admit that it was my doing. As the saying goes: haters gonna hate.

Goodness.....i've been an alumna for a year now. Holy cow, i feel old.

Have you heard this song?? It's one of my new faves!

I love Randall from YouTube hahaha. Although.....this creeps me out a little because I watched The Grey with Liam Neeson and there are wolves....I'll leave you with this! Must get some shuteye since i'll be waking up bright and early to start my summer job....

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