Thursday, May 31, 2012


Lovely and i decided to have another chill night....we rented some movies and watched Breaking Wind, a Twilight parody. Hilarious. Hands down hahaha I like the books and all and enjoy watching the films, but can still appreciate some funnies once in a while.

Today was Thursday, though! Thursday is my favorite day of the week....tomorrow is Friday and shall most likely seem to drag. Must get to sleep soon....

I feel oh-so-grown-up in my Ann Taylor shorts! Hmm....running is definitely improving my legs for the better. And work is helping to tone my arms. Oh, the joy of lifting school supplies all day....but seriously, i count that as my strength training for the day :P 

How my get-into-shape-for-the-beach-regime is going:

I have been adding time to my running and have found that i actually enjoy it. Scary thought.

I'm down 3.5lbs since i started [Tuesday]. Here's to running and squats and ab workouts! Hello again, bikini. It's been too dang long since i've felt ready to wear you.....and also because it would have been a tad nippy noodles to run around in the snow in one. I'd rather not get frostbite on my cheeks. Either pair.

I'm on a major recycling kick. Go Green. Save the environment.

Healthy snack....hummus!!! My new yummy food addiction.

Sleep calls.....tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! :D

And it's official......i made Dean's List for my second semester! 2-for-2 now :)

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