Friday, May 25, 2012

Hit me with your punch drunk love

Corny to title a post with song lyrics....that is the song to which i'm listening as i'm typing. "Springsteen" coming up next!

phew....ready for a vacay. Sissy came home and we're having relax time. I managed to hurt myself yet again. Ok, ok, i admit that i'm a klutz -_-  A package of markers fell onto my head, pointy end first. ow. ouch....and managed to become absolutely filthy today, but other than that, productive day week of work. Ready for the three-day weekend nonetheless.

Painted ma fingies!

Pokémon! Showing MasterBall, GreatBall, original Pokéball, LuxuryBall, and PremierBall :D .....and Ruby, LeafGreen, SoulSilver, Sapphire, and FireRed!

Re-creating We Are Handsome's two-toned lips with Joe Fresh tangerine on the top, hot pink on the bottom.

JLukDT on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

8OYmB2 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Having fun with a gif maker i had discovered.....*giggles*

Have you checked out Lulu*s fashion blog? One of their newest posts was about The Shoulder Grazer haircut. Hmm....perhaps it was a good thing i chopped my hair off last year and am now growing it out. Have the right length by default :)

I want to try these:

Nom nom nom can't wait to make one of these this weekend!

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