Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer Life

I'm pretty sure if my mum knew what I did on the weekends, she'd find me the most boring 20 year old comparison to others my age.

Summertime is my work period....I work hard during the school year, slamming those books and cranking out papers and notes, but summertime I work for $$$. On weekends I'm either working or doing surveys online or practicing my of a party girl *woot woot*

More like party in my brain.

En route to Orwigsburg, PA

Oh my, how time flies....from college-bound to London-bound. 50lbs heavier (exaggerating) and hair much longer and redder.


Despicable Me 2. Sooo good.

My sister obviously loves me. She brought me a Minions shirt and my favorite: Lego candy!! Mmmm this delicious candy is so difficult to find!

I learned the hard way that milk chocolate chips just do not melt correctly when making chocolate chip pancakes....these turned out terribly and we about threw them up. Gross.

Still have yet to learn how to make my eggs Benedict...

Ooooh boy!! Much loved at work!

This is what happens when one has blisters and one doesn't allow adequate time for proper healing and then runs 4 miles out of the blue...

Ouch. Lesson learned. Finding other ways to exercise that don't involve ruining my tootsies any further...

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