Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Crazy Cat Lady Starter Pack

On 30 May, one wild kitty joined the Jacobs clan. Loki took the car ride to my apartment in stride and made himself right at home. By now, the little temper tantrums when I leave for work have boiled down to a minimum and he's nestled deep down in my heart.

Quickly had his collar put on while he was still slightly dazed and confused with the change of surroundings.

Many kisses and snuggles ensued in order to make the little lovebug feel at ease in his new home.

Loki loves: naps, cuddling, toilet paper, Cowboy Crunch chicken, and ice cubes.

Work hard, play hard, then crash. I love getting to know this furry bundle of joy {and wild antics} as we figure out each day one by one. Little guy gets tuckered out after he spends much time being a little terror around the apartment and playing with his hoooman.

All of the scratches and bites and hours of sleep lost have been worth it.

His favorite spot to be: inside the crook of my arm.

Little Loki has me wrapped tight around his tail. When he's acting up, I'll scoop him up and hold him like a baby as I walk around the apartment, get ready for work, or go fetch the mail from outside. He's much like a toddler in that sense...going limp and chill the moment he's picked up.

I've become that cat lady who takes innumerous pictures of her cat...

Daily snuggles are a must and exactly what I'll be looking forward to for the duration of the day.


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