Sunday, June 19, 2016

Work, Sleep, {sometimes} Eat

Summer seems to be, once again, slipping past as it did last year. Is this what life is like when you're old?? Perhaps working 45-58 hrs a week does that to one. Summer feels halfway over already yet I know we still have July and August ahead of us.

Orange is the New Black partner
I'm finding, at times, to have little motivation to do much at all in my spare time except sneak in extra snuggles with Loki and sleep as I continue to go to work sleep-deprived and anxiety-ridden. Being interim manager for a week with a crew that was disturbingly short across the board played its toll on me, meaning sleep took a nosedive but I guess that was good for my diet since it primarily consisted of Monster Zero and the occasional stir-fry.

Recently, I've found motivation a struggle to pursue - quite uncharacteristically of me. Bitterness and regret wreak havoc with my psyche, fueling the feelings of stagnation and entrapment, as well as disappointment in myself for not pushing harder to be {employed} somewhere happy and fulfilling.

The job-hunting has begun again and I'm leaping at every potential job posting which comes my way in the hopes it may be "the next great adventure," providing a career path, not simply a job & paycheck. The current job has only flared my usually-suppressed and mild temper to that of a great dragon, ready to lunge at its next victim who so comes near its treasure aka easily irked.

Hopeful that something will open up, albeit I feel quite trapped with the recent {high} pay raise. The nice bump I received is nothing to sneeze at, but at what cost does one sell their sanity, happiness, life?

Some play time and good noms with lovely company - a well-deserved break for these two hardworking gals. Oh, and a little bit of singing on my part. Yikes.

As my Pap Pap says, you're essentially selling your life to a company when you work. It should be fulfilling and rewarding as you can never get that time back. Much to reflect upon...


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