Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Please don't leave "presents" in the bathroom stalls...that's something a puppy, or maybe a guy with a specific sense of humor, would do...ick.

On a lighter note...i made a personal record today! Silly me forgot to set the correct alarm for today and woke up an hour late....after a few expletives (both roomies had left for class by then) i managed to get ready in 17 minutes! Little things like that makes one feel very accomplished!

I'm quite the quizzical little thing...i like to make different facial expressions. It started at a young age....making faces in the mirror, laughing at myself, people taking pictures (and probably laughing at my weirdie self). Everything's better with laughter :)  hell, i even laugh at my laughter!

Be happy. Do what you want. Break rules. Be a rebel. Wear an effing bow in your hair. (Ok, ok, maybe that's going a little too far) But i'm serious.

This is my wisdom of the day following the theme of today's entry:
    "Do not leave your bodily fluids and solids where the whole world can see. No one wants to see your shit or wonder why you are hemorrhaging."

Inappropriate? A bit...but so is being gross.
Time for studying business! grumble grumble.

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