Thursday, October 13, 2011

Line between insanity and reality

I found my old poetry notebook in my room whilst i was home and totally forgot!

Yes, yes, they're not profesh but everyone has their little thing to let go...thoughts swirling around. It's weird...i'm a fairly happy person yet some of this stuff would suggest otherwise! Maybe the words are counterbalancing...maybe i'm overanalyzing as i usually do :P

Buuuuuuut....on the back i have etched:
  • I've jumped the border...the border between insanity and reality...what's the difference?
I like writing's fun to manipulate words, painstakingly placing them so they sound just right.

From 9/18/10:
All the little reminders
seem to disappear,
erasing all the traces
that you were ever here.
The fissures in my heart
slowly seal with time,
the scars patch and fade
leaving a small faint line.

Cheesy and uncheery. Sooo happy hahaha

 Wow! I can put three pictures in a row! .....i'm slow when it comes to HTML...i learned quite a bit of the basics with Neopets but i'm nowhere near profesh. Happy dance in my head!

The pile is slowly diminishing....I'll be getting more today! Ho hum pig's bum...procrastination is not fun...then again procrastination to me is waiting to finish something 5 days before it's due.

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