Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tiring Tuesday

Fatigue, both mental and physical, seem to be the themes of many of my blogs....more so on the mental side. Le grrrrr. *insert venting here*

Muuuuuch better :)

Missing my favorite redhead right about now!!

But...i must say, i look ├╝ber cute today in my pink for breast cancer awareness! They had hair dyeing on campus, too, but i was just much too hungry....on the way back from grabbing take-out from the dining hall (yet again), we saw it was still going on....that would have looked sweeeeet but, i'm sorry to say, rumbling tummy was calling :(  i felt like Pooh bear.

Headband: Austrian Claire's store
Earrings: from my Mummy's 80s collection
Top: little boutique in European whose name escapes me....
Skirt: first purchase on campus :)  (i'm truly lacking in brands tonight!)
Shoes: sweet hand-me-downs

Memory going downhlil downhill tonight...along with spelling :P

Little aphorism for you:
Too much work to do to be upset...no time for tears, no time to process. Emotions are controllable.

Do you agree?

Now how about some All Time Low:

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