Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I broke out the white skinnies!

........only to notice that my leather briefcase left brown marks along the seam where it rubbed along my leg -_-

On the bright side, I've been productive and started packing!

And I'm excited because I finally wore my new, belly is not hanging out as is designed, but since when do people wear clothes as designed? They make it their own, wear too small of a size, wear too big of a size....meh. Do what you want.

I'm feeling quite energetic mentally despite body aches....and lack of sleep! Late nights sometimes worth it for sanity/happiness! Looney Loopey Lillian...Jillian. The 'J' just doesn't go as alliteration. No matter...

Gym time soon! ....provided I can breathe...dang you, nose! I'm currently refusing to be sick. This may prove to be a tough battle....getting NyQuil when I go home. Hehehe take that, yucky germs!

Have a lovel-E hump day :)

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