Monday, October 17, 2011

Lesson Learned!

I finished my paper! ...yes, yes, i've learned NOT to procrastinate...sooo bad, bad, bad. And i tripped on the way to the computer lab, i was in such a hurry! Naturally, i was wearing flat shoes.

I'm really excited, though, because my one birthday prezzie came today! Oooh i can't wait! I'm wearing them on my birthday since my Mummy said not to wear them til then...

What a bummer...

Have you ever wished you had a wand and could simply wave it to make your twin XL fitted sheet fold itself?? Wishing i did....seriously...they are ridiculous. And they eat your socks. Whilst changing my sheets today, i found a sock i had thought was consumed by the washer stuck in the sheet! Those punks.

Once more i find myself simply making a photo panel...
Shirt: Hurley (aka from Kurtis's closet)
Belt: off a dress
Capris: AE
Flats: SM New York...currently falling apart -_-
Blazer: AE

This blazer is becoming one of my comfy and warm even though the sleeves are a little short. Tis a little warm to dig out the coats (which my Mummy so kindly mailed to me since i forgot to bring them back with me after break).

InStyle mag or study for micro quiz....decisions, decisions...

Wings tonight, though! Nom nom nom! :)

I'll leave you with some Christina Perri....

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