Thursday, October 20, 2011

Proctivity Achieved

Getting up early and going to the gym feels mighty niiiiiiiiiice. I'm on my way to being healthy (er?). "I wanna lose three pounds!!"  Not really, but quoting one of the most epic teen movies, Mean Girls.

I'd like to lose ten.

I started off the day's diet well...chicken tender Thursday hit and i had two pieces along with some mac 'n' cheese! But i felt as though i needed a little reward....i spent hours studying for my business exam and worked my tush off at the gym...give me some credit!

It's always good to remember to be kind not only to others, but to yourself as well....who else is always with you?? I can't get away from this crazy kid! (me)

Life is mentally draining. Or maybe it could be the horrendously (nutrional-wise) delicious (flavor-wise) chicken tenders i ate....for the first time here....and the lingering grogginess from the nap...

Nap time integrated physically in my schedule would be lovely :)  but, alas, i must go to microeconomics and then complete some English.

Seduction Tip #17: Always enter a room like you own it.

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