Sunday, October 16, 2011

Procrastination at its finest

I am promising myself right now never to procrastinate again...true, some things cannot be helped, appointments and such, but cannot do this sleep cannot be sacrificed when i've not much with which to work in the first place! And of course, i'm still in desperate need of squeezing in time for the gym if not for fitness, but for personal sanity :P

Saturday was all fun....Sissy and her beau came to visit for Homecoming and we ate out and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Then twas girls' night...taking four hours to get dolled up for a dance that lasted only three and of those three we danced about two and a half. Yes, yes, such extremes women go to. Don't judge.

Do you know what's great about Sundays? They're a rather lazy hazy day...i've been in my pajamas all day! Yays! Deutschland foreign language week 2010 shirt and red Dutchmen soffe shorts! I just felt oh so cozy.

On to pressing matters....

I have not yet checked out the new Post Secrets! Check them out with me! :)

Feeling wise....i'm not sure whether or not i've stressed this on here or not...more or less my personal mantra (or one of them anyways).
Don't have any expectations that way you can never be disappointed.
This has worked quite well for me....
Along with....I do what I want
And...Love what you do, and do what you love.

Time for new Post Secrets!

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