Friday, October 28, 2011

Pinkity Pink Pink Pink and no sleep

Yesterday's theme...and today's for that matter.

Finished my English essay around 10 or so. I promise i wasn't simply did not pore out of me, words forming, creating a beautiful masterpiece. No. It dragged on and on and on.

But my one roomie and i had pink dyed into our hair with friends! :) At midnight.

I can no longer say i've never dyed nor permed my hair... (body perm in eighth grade, scary bananas).

And last night i saw Der Tunnel for Deutschklasse and it was a pretty good's based upon the tunnels build to rescue people out of West Berlin. Then up late that night...oh boy, typical college student night :(  i rather wanted to avoid not sleeping....

Shirt: Secondhand Serenade
No, Mummy, it's not permanent...

Haunted hayride then movie night with roomies!

And tomorrow....oh, my giddeons! I'm giddy like a little kid about my birthday tomorrow! Mmm Neato Burrito with Sissy and a lovel-E day of relaxation....

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