Sunday, October 2, 2011

Black T and Ripped Jeans

As promised, I am updating again about today....

No, I have not been any more productive....hmmm wait! I did finish my German! That is something....not feeling so well since yesterday, though :(

Did I mention last time I slept a good 12 hours last night? Well, yes, I did...but I'm all the more tired and just want my Mummy to make me feel better with a hug and some Italian wedding soup. Conflabbit. I refuse to let these germs make me ill!

Oh dear...I'm turning into a cranky old spinster! Sooo...I layed on the eyeliner and put a pretty makeup-y face on to make me feel oh-so-much better. I'm awful at makeup aside from the basics.'d think it were rocket science the way I go about it...

I love me some hot chocolate! .....two mugs of it. Don't judge...I feel like poo.

Sans the eyeliner atm....I was just so excited my camera was working to focus on makeup!

Earrings from the Renaissance Faire :) Well, technically one of them...they did come in a pair! The other was in my earlobe. Aren't they cool?? They had all sorts of goodies....

They had replicas of the shield and weapons from the movie 300 (with the ever so dashing Gerald Butler!!!) and an orc blade from LOTR.

Ooooooooh geek shudder hahaha.

Well, I'm feeling like an oreo then bedtime in about an hour or so. It's been an exhilarating, yet tiring, weekend.

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