Monday, October 24, 2011

Prim and Slightly Proper

Write, write, write, workout, shower, work, work, work on homework!
Need to insert some sleep in there....

Today started off as a chilly icky Monday morning...slowly faded into a lovel-E Monday filled with decent essay grades!!!! Not bragging....simply proud (a rare occurance due to my exceedingly perfectionism high expections of myself :/ ) of myself! A's on both my International Studies and English papers! Happy happy happy! And I lost two pounds! Missing E.L.Fudge cookies...grumble grumble

Have you ever swapped dressing for salsa on your salad? Simply delicious! I'm not a fan of this full fat French dressing...i like my fat free stuff but love of salsa and spiciness took over. Yays for my little attempts to get healthy! Dang American cuisine and lazy cultural genes...missing my cookies. Curse you delicious fudge-filled elf cookies!

Yes, yes, wearing my has become one of my outer attire staples...does that make me predictable? :O

Wear that bow and smile, conflabbit!

Off to work on my next English more procrastination for me...

Then costume party! Aaaaaargh, matey!

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