Monday, October 3, 2011


I love taking photographs, love sharing them, taking them, hanging them up, and giving them to people to reminisce about past memories...a way to relive them.

I'm currently looking at pictures of Ted, my lover. He is such a dork and I'm missing him quite terribly....

Enough sentimental matters :P

For some reason, I could not get to sleep before 11:30 despite all desires to get to bed early in order to diminish some of my sleep debt. Meh.

All I had on my mind was the thought: I wonder how many other girls lie awake at night with tears on their pillowcases.

Oh yes, such a way with words....I have my stroke of brilliance once in a very great fingers are more articulate, type type typing paragraph upon paragraph of beautiful words and phrases while I cannot converse all of my mouth simply does not communicate fast enough with my brain! le grrrr.

Throw a blazer on and I'm ready to go....

I love the double wing :)
I think my nose was red from the chilliness already.

I believe it is time for a nice hot shower (yes, I'm aware it's not even 1:30 in the afternoon) and a nap...forgive me for being a tired old insomnic coot. Then homework....I lead such a varying life! Sometimes I don't take a nap until late afternoon! Totally switching it up today! So daring!!

But feet feel like frozen bananas from this cold, damp weather! Hot shower for the tootsies!

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