Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Little Things

What have you missed after being away from your house for an extended period of time?

I realized how much I missed my bathroom....niiiiiiiiice shower this morning, the familiar sink, even the comforting porcelain potty. The dorm bathrooms still seem so much like public toilets! It's just not the same....seemingly gross, but it's just, maybe, familiarity? Hmmm....

Accomplished a few things today! German essay...downloaded music...listening to it right now...saw my lover, Teddy...may crash soon but heading out in two hours to see my friend aka my bearded girlfriend aka Jordan aka J-Mac. I'm sure he would love this reference if he were to read this.

Which he probably will not.

I missed the chaos of my room. And loving the fact I still fit into the dress I wore on my 15th birthday :)

Started the day right by housing a stack of chocolate chip pancakes and eating a chocolate-covered marshmallow lolli from the first annual fall festival.

Diet? Pssssssht.

I'll pay for this later....I'm so accustomed to the school's food, I'm getting sick from food from the "outside" world anyways...

Gym time shall increase next week!

Guitar calling....even though I'm mediocre....worse than's ok. I only play for myself anyways. Mr. Hippy likes it and he's the only one being subjected to it hahaha

Happy. Sleepy. Excited to wear my new boots.
Can't wait for milkshakes tonight!

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