Saturday, October 22, 2011

Whirlwind of Activity

It did not rain yesterday!!!  Such a joyous occasion when that occurs...i felt super cute with my Hue leopard print tights!

Last night was Casino Night sponsored by one of the frats on campus! Sooo much fun! My friends and i had fun learning how to play Texas Hold 'Em...neither of us had played before...and we won prizes! :)  Then we stayed up and played Uno til we eventually crashed....

Lazy day...yet again...

I went apple gleaning for local food banks this morning and took a roomie and i got take-out *ahem* twice...we think the lady thinks we're hermits without friends :(

No matter....i need to cart my bum to the gym soon before i lose what little motivation i have to go today...ugh.

Dear E.L.Fudge cookies, why must you taste so delicious?!

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