Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Today I don't feel like doing anything

This seems to be the theme song of today...although it is Hump Day! Yays!Happy Hump Day, everyone!

With 7 days left of school (although only 5 full days!) there seems to be so much left to do...Senior Video to finish, Germish senior video to finish, for teachers to accept my speech...where is a girl to find the time for everything?

I'll make it through; I always do...somehow.

For the past two or so years, I have had a white-out board on my wall, the message never changing, although I have had to re-write the fading words of wisdom once or twice...
It reads:
 "Quite frankly, most people are assholes; they're fake and judgmental.  The people willing to be themselves and the friends to whom are worth opening up are the people relevant to one's life...the assholes are merely fillers to an otherwise sparsely-populated world."

Of all little mantras of mine, this one seems to have had the greatest influence in my life (not to go all spiritual or mystic).  We all need to have words of wisdom we believe in to remind ourselves of our stand in the world.  It's ok not to have infinite popularity or feel everyone single person in our life is equally important.  There are people who love us and those are the ones who matter...they are the ones who will be standing next to you through it all, unafraid of stepping down should times get rough.

Ok...I'm approaching the Oprah-esque border now...

Until later :)  ....possibly after school at some point.

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