Sunday, April 10, 2011

After a temporary hiatus...

...of both the sun and I. A rough patch of days called for a few days off...
The sky finally cleared on Thursday and we're expected to have a high of 72° today so moods shall definitely be improved and fashion lovers can rejoice for a chance to show off a little smile in the sunshine along with their ensemble.

My lovely and I went on a crisp walk to the parks in celebration of the delicious weather...

 I love my new blazer with its pink pinstripes :)

And of course, my Empowerment Bracelet, which I wear every day.

Blazer, AE graphic tee from Time Square, favorite skinnies, camel print Keds, and a

Don't suppress the child in you...head to a swingset and let go of reality, gravity, as you push yourself to the clouds :)

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