Saturday, June 7, 2014

16 States and 11 Countries

Current travel statistics [counting my home state and country in there as well] with more to come...I'm quite sad I did not make it to Rhode Island during the insanely fast-paced weekend trip through New England, but alas, traffic was horrendous as we neared Salem.

[excuse my chubby knubs]

Many adventures taken this summer...I wanted to travel, and I did just that. In PA alone, Shartlesville, the church of the Blue Eyed Six, Gettysburg [I haven't been here since I was a wee lass], Bird-In-Hand, Intercourse [ironically enough, is a quaint little town], and Blue Ball.

On one curiously slow week, I packed a bag and drove up to Niagara Falls to see the beautiful World Wonder and all of her glory. 'Twas a chilly day down on the water, but a gorgeous day to explore and take in the sights. The drive across the bridge was a nightmare to get into Canada and they did not even bother to stamp my passport, to my chagrin.

However, I met some wonderful people and how could the night not have been something wild when the penultimate chapter of my night is: "we stayed until last call and the bar had turned its lights out, 2 Germans, a Brit, a New Zealander, a Canadian, and I?" Wanderlust temporarily satiated.

Adventure is out. Find it. Take chances. Live your life.

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