Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Adventures (Flashback 10)

Perhaps these flashbacks are becoming superfluous, but 10 seems like a nice rounded number at which to stop...

In looking back, so much has happened, yet when placing words to pixelized screen seems a near impossible task, a summation so easily done, but not nearly as satisfying as picking my brain apart for memories, clues, ramblings...

April is always a busy time, true even now, a year after these initial endeavors were experienced....

April 2014 was no exception: hanging with friends in Baltimore to support their band, Sigma Alpha Pi induction, cooking for a new [this word does not feel right] beau, tears of joy and sorrow, VALLEYFEST, and almost getting a concussion [I mentioned my reckless behavior, no?].

Paradrei = drei Freunden und eine guten Nacht

When we kinda-sorta-maybe-just an inkling like-ish someone, we do crazy things, such as plan a surprise visit to a shady little garage in downtown York with the help of the aforementioned someone's roommate.

The night ended with: "we should probably leave, like right now, before we hear gunshots."

Fajer and I off on an adventure to the shooting range. The new 9mm packed quite the whollop of kickback...not that I'm complaining. The zombies on our targets never knew what was coming ;)

Love and Theft came for this year's ValleyFest and dang. Quite a lovely crowd - not too overbearing nor rowdy. I have limited country tastes but I have noticed that country concerts, while lively, are also contained and not as crazy as others...

Perks to being in this committee: being the runner for some hotties.

Sammy Arriaga and I became fast friends.

The end of the night ended with a meet-and-greet with the country stars. I'd call it a pretty damn good night.

<please don't touch me like that with your hand on your crotch>
Inner thoughts....Mike Stud was...bearable.

These are where my thoughts trail off...nothing too noteworthy, I guess, until Canada. However, friends are friends and are wonderful always.

End of the year VF dinner with my lovely co-chairman of Children's Activities

Luscious Nickove + Drop Out Julian

Kinda sorta maybe dating a rockstar

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