Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sassy Sasquatch with Senioritis (Flashback 9)

In looking back at these first few weeks back, I was indeed, a wild child. Feeling as though I could sink no lower after wrecking my car [I now can identity with the expression of being hit by a Mack truck], I may have been a tad overzealous and none-too-caring for myself.

C'est ma vie.

Lovely came up to see EchoSmith(!) as part of the MTV's Artist to watch tour that started with last year's ValleyFest. VP to boot last year! Mega feels and nerves - he managed to bring me back down to that shy 13 yr old I was when I first met he when he grabbed my hand, the years of confidence I had acquired since being shattered like glass upon the cold, hard cement floor.

He was no knight in shining armor, but held me together as my happiness began to dwindle with the return to the States. Wobbly, sure, but at least the jelloid within my body stayed barred up with the stability our friendship brought.

Ring Pop Hubby

Now a self-classified chubby wubby, my confidence still faltered as I continued my plight against the ungodly weight I had gained from my travels. Running in the rain and in the cold darkness, a few trips in said darkness, and sore muscles seemed like a small price to pay in my effort to slim back down...

English girls reunited!

Making new friends and keeping touch with the ones who never lost touch despite the distance sure helped in with my acceptance that I could be happy in the States again...even without the haggis and Tubourgs.

The Italian Stallion.
Good friends are the crux of life and a crutch for the bad times. Grateful, happy for new friends, yet left with a nagging feeling of insecurity and uncertainty of what the future brings academically, professionally, romantically...

Bearded Girlfriend & Beardless Girlfriend off on a platonic adventure

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