Sunday, November 9, 2014

Ketchup Catch-up Sunday

The last post was a quick overview of the past's cliché, but it's honestly been one hell of a year.

Looking through old posts, I realized how rather vague and almost alarmingly how cheerful it sounded, almost to the point of ditzy with this overly emphasized sense of disingenuous happiness. Yes, I am content and happy, yet feel I have much to improve (that's healthy to want to improve), but although I wrote what was on my mind, looking back, it does not seem so sincere and I feel this has been a disservice to the few readers who may come across this, particularly my older self.

I'm making a conscious effort to not try to be someone I'm not. Life's too short to always play pretend to the public, albeit I do love costumes and such. On my first morning run in weeks, I was thinking of this little blog and how I've taken a vow to myself to change what I do not like about my life (within my power, of course), beginning with getting my lazy (in a physical sense) butt back into shape. many words locked up inside, all vying for a chance to escape their hidey-holes and be heard, be proverbially shouted from the viral rooftops, no longer satisfied with merely being thought and forced to hide.

Slowly, but surely, the collection grows...
More are collecting dust at my parents' house. 

I plan on doing an almost reverse-like blog in order to catch up on the wonderful trips I had mentioned in my last posts. Those stories deserve to be shared and I feel my silly self, too focused on writing simplistically, did not nearly do them justice. However, I feel my personal journal has been written more eloquently (and sometimes not so eloquently) about my experiences and wish to share excerpts, raw feelings of what I was going through at that time.

Is this not why we keep personal records of feelings?

For now, here is an adorable Shih Tzu strutting around in a Teddy bear costume, which, in my opinion, makes him look like a formidable Ewok.

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